Through this teaching material, you will get to know: Gyulia Kosice, Dino Bruzzone, Marcos López, Pablo Siquier, León Ferrari and Felipe Noé.

Price: U$20 (the 6 booklets)


Why this teaching material includes Latin America contemporary artists?
The continous study of Latin American artists allow us to discover, review in-depth, and spread their contemporary production. Their various and current languages consitute the heritage of our culture and may become the starting point for different projects in the classroom.

Why did we choose Argentine artists?
As this project started in Argentina, we have chosen contemporary Argentine artists.

How do these fascicles contribute to education?
These fascicles intend to provide teachers new outlooks in relation with arts and other disciplines.

How these contents was developed?
Throgh bibliography and interviews with artists.

How this material can be implemented at school?
For further information, click on “Courses” or send an e-mail to our team.

How can I get this material?
Send an e-mail to our team: