Educational Projects

invitación a la charla

Conference and workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mar del Plata.

The August 22, 2014, we were at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mar del Plata for various activities. In the morning we had an informal chat with the museum education team. 17hs we did a talk to teachers, artists and teachers on “Contemporary Art of Latin America for conducting educational materials.” A 19hs, a […]Read more


Formation of public

Collaboration in the production of the album and shows the duo pianos. With the idea of encouraging the formation of public projects y create new connections, we collaborate with the production of shows Lucas Nikotian (Bs As, Argentina) and Sebastian Macchi (Entrerios, Argentina) in Brazil. The duo pianos played in São Paulo and the capital […]Read more

Talleres Brincar x un Autismo Feliz

Brincar x un Autismo Feliz

Visual arts workshops, “Brincar x un Autismo Feliz”, 2013. During de first half of 2013, conducted workshops for visual arts for children with autism.  It was an intense and moving experience for all. We are very happy to have participated in this project. To know more about “Brincar” click here.   Visual Arts Exhibition in […]Read more


MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires)

We as a team teacher training material from the Colección Costantini. Tarsila do Amaral Antonio Berni Jorge de la Vega Pedro Figari Frida Kahlo Garcia Uriburu Victor Grippo Gyula Kosice Julio Le Parc Roberto Matta Candido Portinari Diego Rivera Pablo Suárez Torres Garcia Xul SolarRead more


Instituto Tomie Ohtake (São Paulo, Brasil)

We as a team developed educational material for children about the artist Tomie Ohtake. Inside of materials. Material for children about the artist Carlos Vergara.  Read more


Recursos de arte y cultura (EDUCAR)

We work together to carry the audio guide presented on the website of EDUCAR (Ministry of Education of Argentina). Click here to visit the EDUCAR websiteRead more